Brothers Of Heart

"The Birth of Man––Inner Guidance in a World of Change"

Start of the next cycle: Winter 2020. Please write an email to get starting dates and additional information

Welcome, new man!

Video: The emperor is naked. How naked are the men who voted for him?

"To be a man is not a given. It is a constant stream of change in which we need other men to find our guidance."

Joachim C. Wehnelt, Guardian of the Brothers Of Heart


If you are a man who feels challenged by the world in change,

here is good news: you have a gift to offer.

It is something most men don't know.


You have to offer your vulnerability, your fear or anger when being challenged;

your joy to feel nature or another human being;

the rage of your wounds;

the beauty of feeling the body and what you can do with it.


The world is changing, and your feelings are signposts to the essence of your existence.

Following them guides you through your struggles to your potential.


To strengthen your inner guidance is the purpose of this circle of men, the Brothers Of Heart. I am guiding men for years now in online circles. This is a new one. Welcome, new man!


And here is more good news: You don't have to find your truth alone.

Actually, I believe we as men cannot find our truth alone.

We need each other for it.


If you meet your shadow and light supported by other men, this gives way to a true guidance that goes way beyond one's own perception.


Women birth boys.

Men birth men.


Because I believe, to be a man is not a given.

To be a man is a constant stream of change in which we need other men to find our way.


And if you really embrace your light and shadow in a safe circle of men,

there is only one thing left:

You have to make a decision; every single moment.


Which side do you take, light or shadow?

What do you co-create with it?

This is your freedom.


To explore the unique gifts of struggles and feelings in a safe space with other men is why I created the Brothers Of Heart.


It’s an online community for men who care, for themselves and for others.


All men in the circle support each other in a respectful way

to feel each other's heart and powers and weaknesses

making a difference by being a vulnerable, accountable man in the world.


In this circle, you can count on the intelligence of all men participating.


I am happy to pass on the gifts of many years of exploring what is real for men,

and welcome you to the Brothers of Heart

to become real

by sharing your truth.


Before the circle starts, every man gets a free online call with me to find out if the Brothers of Heart could support you on your way. Please contact me by email

I am looking forward to meeting you and supporting you to find your truth.

With care, Joachim

Systemic Gestalt Therapist


To read my essay about the initiation of men in the 21st century, please click here


Experiences of Men with the Brothers Of Heart

A Warm And Welcoming Space

"The last year of being in the Brothers has been a place of deep support and sharing with other men, a place where I can truly be and explore myself as a man, something I look forward to each time we meet. Joachim's facilitation creates a warm and welcoming space where true transformation occurs."

Michael Thayer, USA


Support To Find The Way

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the space that you make available to me as a person and especially as a man. The experiences I have there help me to find my own way again. My path, of which I didn't know anything until recently and which I have left far too often in my life."
Axel, Germany

To Include Wildness And Vulnerability

"The Brothers of Heart are my tribe of men. We meet online every 2 weeks or so, and we are also there for each other whenever needed. I appreciate that we are real with each other, we share how things really are, for us. I love that we are on a growing path together, learning new things, healing old stuff. And I love that we include the full range of what it means for us to be men, whether it’s wildness and fire, vulnerability, frustration, feeling a lot or not feeling anything."

Nicolas Amaya, Spain

Feeling The Purpose As A Man

„Joachim, your work with men is unique. I feel my strength and purpose as a man in society and in life more and more. I thank you for this unique space that brings us men in the deepest connection."
Thilo Weiser, Germany

„The permanent research on being a man is really helping me personally.

And it satisfies me – although it is not only comfortable. But I feel myself expanding.

The variety of my actions is getting wider.

Therefore I’m so happy to do this personal work and to support other men in developing in their own way too.

Due to the deep, warm, heartful and honest exchanges in our circle, we support each other in a unique way.“

Gerfried Hörbelt, Israel, co-guardian Brothers Of Heart

Brothers Of Heart 2020

This is how we meet online, just like the German Brothers of Heart


Theme: The Birth of Man––Inner Guidance For Men In A World of Change


12 weekly online meetings on Sundays


Next cycle will be on Saturdays

at 8.30 pm CEST (Berlin), 7.30 pm BST (London), 2.30 pm EST (New York), 11.30 am PST (Los Angeles)


(Each meeting lasts 120 minutes. Language is English)


Price: 360 Euro for 12 gatherings

(through PayPal or Bank Account. If you need financial programs or reduction please reach out)


To register for the new cycle of Brothers, "The Birth of Man", starting in Winter 2020, please write to

Before the circle, every man gets a free online call with Joachim to check if the Brothers of Heart would support you. To get an appointment, please write to me here


After registering, you will get a form with the term of references and the details for payment. After you have registered and paid you get the link to the video call room we are meeting in.

No account needed. 

You will just click on the link to get access to the circle.


Inspirations For Men Finding Their Truth

Essay "Moon Heart"

In my perception, the heart of a man is different than the heart of a woman. When he realizes that, he might open up to a whole new universe in love and sexuality.


Trailer for a touching documentary of men speaking up

In this 3-minute trailer, you get a glimpse of the documentary "What is it like to be a man for you?". The full video clip is shown below.

For an enhanced experience you can activate subtitles in English (by clicking on the wheel icon in the lower bar of the YouTube screen)

Documentary "Behind The Scenes": An Invitation To A Journey of Men

What Is It Like To Be A Man For You?

Five men from around the world–Japan, Ireland, Palestine, and the USA–share their insights about what it is like to be a man for them in this touching video clip introduced by Joachim. They address the pressure of cultures, the vulnerabilities as boys, the maturity of bonding, and the accountability towards women (25 min).

For an enhanced experience you can activate English subtitles by clicking on the wheel icon in the lower bar of the YouTube screen.

The Birth Of Man––Inner Guidance For Men In A World Of Change

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To contact me as the guardian of the Brothers of Heart and meet me for a free get-to-know online call, please write an email. I am looking forward to meeting and welcoming you, Joachim