Mourning Room

Men's Violence in the World

Dear man,

it is time to not look away anymore. Men are doing harm all over the world, many times with guns like in Uvalde, Texas, causing 19 kids and two adults to die. We also see desastrous violence in the Ukraine. We see that in our streets and in our neighborhood, with guns and without. And as we might not use physical violence ourselves, we need to be able to relate to that. They are our brothers doing the harm.

You are invited to a Mourning Room for men being with the violence of men.

In the safe space of a circle of men, we can be with our grief, and also with the rage, the shame, the fear. Every feeling is welcome.

The Mourning Room is not a room to debate, it is a room to feel and express what we feel, even if it is numbness.

And from there, we also include ourselves, our own rawness, to include how the violence resonates and shows within us.

The Mourning Room for Men is on this

  • Sunday, June 5th, 2022
  • Time: 9 am Los Angeles, 11 am Mountain time, Noon time New York, 6 pm Berlin and Cape Town, 7 pm Jerusalem
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Cost: Free of charge

If you are interested, please send an email to me. You will get the link to the Zoom Room then.

I am grateful for my dear friends and brothers Patrick and Rasada, as I prepared this call with them. The three of us are standing together, and I wish we all do.

Please pass on this email to men you think would benefit and who also want to turn towards men and our hearts and topics.



Ukraine and Russia

As the war started, it is time to come together.


As Russian troops are invading Ukraine, the Mourning Room provides the chance to mourn together over what is happening.

It is not a place for debate. In this room, we lay down the weapons of judgments and statements.


Instead, the Mourning Room is a space online to feel what is alive in you now and to express it.


We are sharing and listening, finding a voice of what is being touched, and receiving the voices being heard. This includes personal and collective movements, and honors every soul, including the ancestors.


The Mourning Room provides an opportunity to mourn together, and to include also other feelings. It is a meeting point where all the different voices get a place to be heard and felt.


We are humanity meeting each other in the face of war.


  • We meet on Saturday, February 26th, 2022
  • at 8.30 pm Berlin time, 2.30 pm New York, 11.30 am Los Angeles.
  • 120 minutes


To receive the link to the Zoom Room, please register by sending an email here. You will get the link after registering.


I am looking forward to meeting you.


Joachim Wehnelt

Systemic Gestalt-Therapist


More about my work here.


More about the Mourning Room and past gatherings here

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