Mourning Room

Grieving together: A personal and collective online vigil

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Global Mourning Room

The public Mourning Room has different collective topics like famine, war or collective dynamics in society.

 In the free event, it invites to co-creates a space for a new culture of grieving together.

Global Mourning Rooms were dedicated to i.e.

Anti-Semitism, Mania Altman, The Feminine, The Masculine, Children

How the Mourning Room came into life

In 2017, Stefan rode his motorcycle and got into an accident. Stefan died. This happened 3 years after my wife Margarete had died.

Stefan had worked in training I had participated in. We all were shocked. In my grief, I was looking for connection.

I reached out to the friends of the training and offered a Mourning Room on the video platform Zoom.

A couple of days later we sat together online sharing our feelings, and a space of vulnerability, silence, sadness and also joy having known him emanated. With a deep sense of gratitude, I experienced that I don’t have to grieve alone. I can connect with my tears to other human beings and in mourning together a simple beauty opens; a deep space for our humanity.

How many spaces do we have for sadness in our cultures? So many tears unfelt, so much grief unspoken. In my grief for Margarete and Stefan I have learned how to connect in the losses. Having facilitated many Mourning Rooms now I feel a need to contribute on a general level to a space that enables us to delve into this deep awareness of vulnerability and humanity.

You are invited to a Mourning Room online to grieve together.

Each of us can share whatever is important to you at this moment; an individual loss, a grief about lineage and family, a sadness about collective events. We voice whatever wants to be voiced by us, and all feelings are welcome. By presencing the voices we let ourselves be guided by tears and silence and any feeling coming up so the unseen river of life is flowing again in its own ways.

I offer the Mourning Room online on a regular basis. Some are without a specific topic, some are dedicated to a theme.

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Which collective event would you like to mourn about?

Please write request to Joachim

The Global Mourning Room is free of charge.


Personal Mourning Room

An offer for friends and family


With this unique offer, you can invite family and friends to mourn over a personal loss. Facilitated by Joachim, each person participating can utter what is alive as a memory of the late beloved family member or friend.

If the loss just happened or is 1 year or more ago, sitting together and sharing memories can have a huge effect of relief and love. 

With the Mourning Room, Joachim creates a safe and intimate space honoring life and death that is easily accessible online for family and friends from all over the world.

The offering includes

  • Preparation: In a 20 min video call, we talk about what is important to you. You can send a picture of the late person, and Joachim will create a beautiful space for the online vigil including photos and flowers. You get a link for the video room specially set up for this occasion so you can send the link to the ones you would like to invite.
  • Mourning Room: For two hours, family and friends share their memory online in a video conference call facilitated by Joachim. Everything is welcome there, sadness, silence, and joy. Different ways of sharing can be included, like reading a poem or singing a song.
  • Debrief: Within 10 days after the Mourning Room, you can send an email to share about your experience and I will respond promptly to allow integration of the unique experience.


  • If you book this regular Mourning Room, it will be set up for up to 20 people.
  • A large Mourning Room hosts up to 50 people and lasts 2.5 hours.
  • A grand Mourning Room hosts up to 100 people and lasts 3 hours.

To inquire about the details and costs for the different Mourning Rooms, please write to Joachim


We can grieve, and we can grieve together. 


If you would like to have your own Mourning Room with friends and family, please contact me.

Honoring your needs, I set up a mindful space to honor your loss, online or at your place.

The special Mourning Room varies in price. Please contact me for further information at


Making grief not only a personal issue but a mutual experience seems to be so important. In the western culture, public spaces to mourn are rare.

My intention is to honor personal and collective losses to allow the soul movements to keep moving by honoring our deepest humanity.

Warmly, Joachim


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  • Christin Scholz (Sonntag, 27. Februar 2022 23:38)

    I would be happy to join the next mourning room for Ukraine

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