A Space For Grace

Giving thanks to the wonder of life together

We give our presence to the beauty and serenity of life. It is a place to share the small, hidden, and big enabling us to do the work in life with a new awareness of what we are given and what we can give.

A butterfly landing on your hand, a ray of light shining through the trees, a smile of a human being in the metro train, a friend giving a hand when it is needed––how many times do we acknowledge these moments in life? This is a space to honor the grace we are living in all of the time, in so many ways. We meet from all over the world in a convenient room online, and everyone has the chance to feel into that realm of the magnificent in everyday life. 


The next gathering is dedicated to the year 2018.

What helped you to thrive this year? What encounter nourished you? What did you receive that helped you to give?


We meet 


December 9th, 2018

at 9 pm CET, 10 pm Israel time, 12 (noon) PST (San Francisco), 3 pm New York time, 2 pm Mountain Standard time.

for 1,5 hours


We meet on a monthly basis in a designated room of the video platform Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/592777975

Just click on the link (and download the Zoom App if you join for the first time). Then you can enter the video call. No account or admission fee needed.

This circle is free of charge. If you would like to contribute to the work done by therapists, trainers, and social workers on Collective Healing, you are welcome to donate to the non-profit organization Pocket Project I am in. It was founded by Thomas Hübl.