Sessions online

A Space to Heal and Thrive

On our journey we sometimes need a new perspective.

Challenges at work or at home ask for a new space.

Touching Presence Online is an entry gate to it.


Meeting someone to talk to,

  • who gives space for what is needed
  • who stays when things get blurry or uncomfortable
  • who gives honest and mindful feedback, when needed.

Or just stays silent and perceives the moment with you, letting emerge what wants to show.


I am glad to give you space and accompany you on your journey.

I am with you wherever you are, meeting you on skype or Zoom.

It is fascinating, how much energy flows even meeting online.

As Jürgen says it, a client of mine:

"Even online Joachim was able to establish a mindful and deep contact. I felt safe in that and could follow his impulses full of trust."


With my tools as a Gestalt Trainer I am happy to support you in your self clarification.

And first of all, I am there with you as a human being, a man, an explorer, being on a journey myself.

I would love to support you in evolving your highest potential.


You can have a basecamp on your journey.




Please contact me at for further information and appointments

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