"If we want to understand how we work internally, the How gives us a perspective, an orientation."

Fritz Perls, co-founder of Gestalt Therapy

Supervision Online

Supervision Circle Online for Therapists and Counselors, and Supervision One-On-One Online


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If you work as a therapist –– as a psychotherapist, body therapist, or with the creative expression of dance and art –– or a counselor you have many tools and approaches at your disposal to support your clients on their journey.

What resources do you have so that you can do your work as clearly and precisely as possible?

When working with clients, processes can sometimes appear unclear, dynamics can remain hidden, intentions can be concealed. As a result, the potential of the cooperation cannot develop ideally. Your ability to initiate development may falter.


In a supervision you get space for new impulses. Competent reflection gives you a well-founded and grounded opportunity to see your work more clearly from a variety of perspectives and to be able to develop it further.


From July 2023 on, I offer a supervision group online for therapists and counselors that will combine the most effective tools of supervision online.

In addition to classic case discussions, which each participant can bring in, and regular intervision among colleagues, I pass on insights into instruments that I have been using in my practice for years.


These include: emotional sequencing (being able to read and orchestrate contact phases with individual clients and groups), online systemic constellation (making inner relationship dynamics visible), Hero's Journey (a journey to the inner hero and demon), guided affective imagery (experiencing one's own soul landscape vividly and playfully).


In years of experience, I also benefit from my experience in facilitating an international supervision group that I founded in 2017. With "Therapists on Collective Wisdom", I gave therapists a forum to exchange information on collective and intergenerational trauma. The ten participants from countries such as Colombia, New Zealand, USA and Israel met every other week for years to discuss professional and personal issues. It has proven particularly effective that I combined my own skills with those of my colleagues to create a collective group intelligence.

I am now happy to pass on this competence to promote therapeutic growth through impulses and exchange in a compact form.

Supervision Circle for Therapists and Counselors

  • 10 x online meetings of 90 minutes each
  • maximum of 10 participants
  • Case discussion
  • Input modules where I introduce new tools of therapeutic practice, such as systemic constellation online.
  • Intervision
  • personal exchange
  • closed circle
  • international approach with colleagues from different countries
  • chat forum for professional exchange also between sessions
  • secure end-to-end encryption of the video conference room


  •     Supervision circle online: an excellent learning environment with colleagues from different places to broaden professional horizons and deepen your own competencies.


Start: July 2023

Price: 850 Euro
Early bird discount: 770 Euro (until June 10th, 2023)

Monthly payment (in three installments) is possible.

Therapists and counselors from all disciplines are invited. In my experience, the interdisciplinary approach offers an excellent opportunity to broaden one's working horizon and to be inspired by new impulses and perspectives.

I also offer individual supervision for therapists and counselors, which can be booked additionally.

In a supervision circle, contact and process for me are–– with my background in Gestalt therapy ––essential, on both the professional and personal levels. It is the "how" that Fritz Perls, the co-founder of Gestalt therapy, talks about, which effectively shapes contact with oneself and with the world to make change possible.

If you are interested, please contact me by email. We find the time for a free call of about 30 minutes, in which you can get more information and get to know my work and me.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and your work as a therapist.

Joachim C. Wehnelt
Systemic Gestalt Therapist


More about my work here.



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