Coming back to our senses

A Tool Box To Sustain Compassion

From my perspective, compassion is a natural state for human beings—allowing us to be connected with our hearts, our co-workers, clients, partners, people in need, with nature.


So why is it so hard to just stay in that natural state of being, at work, at home, in our communities?


In my experience as a psychotherapist, I see how easy it is for people to loose that natural state.

As soon as there is an argument with the boss, an unforeseen development at work, an uncomfortable move of the partner, people get triggered and stressed.

They freeze emotionally, and actually, as research shows,

we freeze our body

actually shutting down our senses of smelling, seeing, hearing by switching into flight or fight mode.

We literally cannot be touched anymore, by anyone or anything.


And the first thing that then gets lost is compassion—for ourselves, and for others.


So what I found after years; if we want to stay compassionate, even when things get rough,



For this, I developed a tool box. It is an emotional First-Aid Kit for all senses containing instruments to connect back to our body senses.

The part of the brain that's in charge of processing our senses is also responsible ... for storing emotional memories, the National Institute of Neuroscience in Turin, Italy, found out. What we want to do is to actually activate the positive memories stored in our brains and bodies.


The tool box contains


  • a soothing spray with a relaxing scent
  • a touching story
  • a treat for touch
  • a jar with sand from the beach to connect to vacation
  • a way to express yourself through drawing or writing
  • a piece of Art to inspire you
  • ...and six more tools.


Including music...a song to relax you: "Imagine all the people..."


Imagine all the people, being able to sustain their capacity to feel and be compassionate.


  • Companies can purchase that tool box as a means of corporal health care.
  • Schools and universities can add it to their curriculum of self-care.
  • Communities could deliver it to people in need, making it part of public service.


The box provides instant impact allowing to connect back to the natural state of humanity—being compassionate with ourselves, and the world.



This tool kit contains instruments of power making it easy at work and at home to feel compassion again, with co-workers, clients, partners, and nature.


Imagine there is a trigger, and you have the tools to open your heart again.

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