I am dedicated to walk your questions together with you and support you in finding your very own answers on this path by giving reflections, offering co-regulation, enhancing life with its abundant frequencies, and providing new methods nourishing an unfolding meaningful life.

Getting Support Wherever You Are

  • Gestalt Therapy - Counseling - Supervision Online


Finding a new way to relate to each other in an inspiring space––

this is Touching Presence Online.


My expertise is working online in one-on-one sessions, and in circles, with clients and therapists.


In online circles and in one-on-one sessions, I offer a clear and reliable space

  • Providing a reliable source of deep reflections
  • Supporting you to stand your ground through co-regulation
  • Guiding you in finding your own way in a world that changes
  • Giving insights into the latest soul science from Embryo development to Collective Intelligence
  • Honoring your movements so you can trust in your own inner guidance.

In the subtle space, there is no distance.


When we connect in an online room dedicated solely to you, we sit in the same space with the clarity you want, the safety you need, and the ways of relating that are good for you.


As an expert in systemic relations, I offer deep insights into inter-generational and collective dynamics that influence each individual. Through my work with clients who live all over the world, I also share knowledge about inter-cultural aspects of life.


I offer my expertise in systemic relationships (within a person, in the core family, in companies, and societies) to therapists in Supervision circles, and in Supervision sessions one-on-one.


Trained in Gestalt Therapy, I am offering support with all seven senses. The five senses––smelling, touching, hearing, tasting, and seeing––offer a beautiful but limited way of relating to the world. To develop a sixth sense––the intuition––can be trained to serve as a guiding sense for the soul. The seventh sense to me is the sense that allows the spirit to guide and support a meaningful life. 


In addition to the training in Gestalt Therapy, I attended lectures and trainings from the emotional development of embryos to collective dynamics of societies. To get a deep understanding of the purpose of life, I am studying Kabbalah––the science of all spirits––for years now.


Trained in psychotherapy from the emotional development of the embryo to the structural dynamics of the collective, and informed by the daily study of the wisdom of Kabbalah, I am happy to offer therapy and counseling with a Higher Sense.  


I am dedicated to accompanying you as a resource and to walk the questions together with you and support you in finding your very own answers by giving reflections, offering co-regulation, enhancing life and its abundant frequencies, inviting the highest opportunity now to lead the way, and nourishing an unfolding meaningful life.


To find out if working with me would support you, book a free consultation call in the schedule below or write an email.


I am happy to meet you wherever you are, on your path, and in the world.



(a friend from New York likes to pronounce it like "YouAreHim" :-), and this is very close to the actual pronounciation!)

Supervisor and Systemic Gestalt Therapist

Psychotherapist and Counselor

Lic. Healing practitioner


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In a supervision, professional therapists, counselors, and body workers get a space for new impulses. Competent reflections give you a well-founded and grounded opportunity to see your work more clearly from a variety of perspectives and to be able to develop it further.


More here.


Touching Presence Online cell phone: +49(0)1523.17 37 935, Email for appointment

This Is What Clients Say


 "I take away from the sessions a clear definition of where I stand; how does it feel, where I am, how, and where I want to go. I appreciate the clear leadership in the support of Joachim Wehnelt to stick to the topic, the accurate reflections and summaries of his perceptions, which evoked an even resonance within me."


"The experience of being able to establish direct (eye) contact via webcam connection was a highlight for me. There was great intimacy and we were in a 'space' where real, genuine, direct exchange was possible. Even over a distance, only via the webcam connection, Joachim Wehnelt was able to establish sensitive, direct contact. This enabled me to feel safe and to follow his suggestions to try new things with confidence."


"The guidance was clear and structured. The lightness in the leadership, and the playfulness carried the process. I felt safe."


Podcast: Living a Meaningful Life

In my work as a psychotherapist online, I realized there is something missing in the offerings that are around. I named my psychotherapeutic practice Seven Senses because I want all the senses to support the path of my clients, and include the seventh sense in it that stands for me for the sense of the Higher. Yet many times, this sense is excluded in therapy. With this podcast, I want to bridge that gap.


In the premiering episode, I map out how the tools of psychotherapy can support every person to find meaning in life. On the pathway to spiritual attainment, unlocking your body wisdom is key. In my experience, many clients do not even ask the most important questions anymore because they are struggling in their everyday life. I understand that. But symptoms like burnout, depression or constant headaches many times want to uncover the need of a person to find a deeper meaning in life.

Comments or Questions for future podcast episodes:


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Beautiful Conversation: To Prevent Terror And War––How Can Work With Collective Trauma?

How can we even begin to work with the soul to resolve trauma induced by atrocities––and prevent war from happening again? In a beautiful conversation with hosts Lio from Israel and Seth from the US, we unpacked the dynamics of collective trauma in the light of the atrocities in Israel on Oct. 7th, 2023. In the work with perpetrators and victims, I was invited to include my own background as a descendant of my grandfather Rudolf who supported the Nazis, and how this supported me to find my path as a systemic Gestalt Therapist working with inter-generational trauma. If we do not take care of it, it is passed on through the generations. So how to start with allowing it to resolve? I suggest to begin with the key that each of us holds in one's very own hand––the key to open to true connection that is hidden for many; healthy boundaries.
Thank you Lio and Seth for inviting me to your show and for this inspiring conversation to deepen our awareness about the most fundamental topics that drive the world. More about his show and more episodes


Insightful Interview: Being And Becoming A Man

How can you become the man you want to be? In a beautiful conversation, my dear colleague Gabriel Ellis interviews me about the benefits and challenges of being and becoming a man today. Why do many men lead their lifes as lone wolves? What is the benefit of it? How can we honor the need of a men more fully?

Thank you Gabriel for this inspiring invitation to deepen our awareness! More about Gabriel and his work here.

Offerings At A Glance

This is what you get with Seven Senses Online


For more feedback from clients, please click here.


Fruits of the Roots

Making your ancestors your resource today

Sometimes a challenge in life can go beyond your own horizon because it is greater than you are.


Personal and collective trauma are always intertwined.


A trauma that has been passed on between generations may interfere with your experience in your own life.


Second and third-generation survivors of the Shoa, descendants of witnesses of war, colonization, and immigration need a safe place to feel into what emerges in them even decades after the events.


With my training in Gestalt Therapy and working together with therapists from countries around the world to establish a high quality in working with intergenerational trauma and resource, I am happy to support you in this.


My offer "Fruits of the Roots" is an invitation to a unique journey to your ancestors.

Going beyond classical genealogy, it is designed to connect you to your ancestors by really feeling them so that they become a true and powerful resource for you today.


More here


The Collective Soul: How are souls are connected globally

What is Collective Work? How can humanity benefit from it? In this video clip, you get a brief explanation to a dear part of my work.

English subtitles: Please use the settings wheel in the lower bar of YouTube to add English subtitles

Experiences of participants with the Brothers Of Heart circle online

A Warm And Welcoming Space

"The last year of being in the Brothers has been a place of deep support and sharing with other men, a place where I can truly be and explore myself as a man, something I look forward to each time we meet. Joachim's facilitation creates a warm and welcoming space where true transformation occurs."

Michael Thayer, USA


Support To Find The Way

"I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the space that you make available to me as a person and especially as a man. The experiences I have there help me to find my own way again. My path, of which I didn't know anything until recently and which I have left far too often in my life."
Axel, Germany

To Include Wildness And Vulnerability

"The Brothers of Heart are my tribe of men. I appreciate that we are real with each other, we share how things really are, for us. I love that we are on a growing path together, learning new things, healing old stuff. And I love that we include the full range of what it means for us to be men, whether it’s wildness and fire, vulnerability, frustration, feeling a lot or not feeling anything."

Nicolas Amaya, Spain

Feeling The Purpose As A Man

„Joachim, your work with men is unique. I feel my strength and purpose as a man in society and in life more and more. I thank you for this unique space that brings us men in the deepest connection."
Thilo Weiser, Germany

About me

My path, ways to work, and my resources


Exploring and shaping life with seven senses;

this is my passion and competence.

Welcome to Seven Senses wit Touching Presence Online.

My name is Joachim, native English speakers like to pronounce it like YouAreHim, and I like that!


I was born in Berlin, Germany. Professionally, I first met people as a reporter, first in Frankfurt, then in Hamburg.

The curiosity and joy in meeting people such as orphan and author John Irving, the Holocaust survivor and president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Ignatz Bubis, and Paul Spiegel, with nearly deaf musician Evelyn Glennie and the former entrepreneur Schweisfuhrt who became an organic farmer, inspired me to go further.


What is possible in life, how can we develop if we have the courage and support for it?

This question guides and motivates me to this day.


I started a training in humanistic psychotherapy called Gestalt therapy. Later on, I specialized in online counseling in individual sessions and group facilitation, 

in well being and soul development of men and in working with collective trauma (pandemic, Holocaust, gender politics).

In my clinic, I offer to find ways to the essence together.


What is essential to me?


I am excited to be a companion for people.

I think the world is crazy enough and that we find many creative ways to handle fate and challenges.


It becomes difficult when these solutions, which we have often found in childhood, cause suffering in ourselves and with other people.

Then it's time to take the next step and find new ways.


I love life and am committed to ensuring that "everything that lives, can live" (Doctor Albert Schweitzer).

In doing so, I let myself be guided by the higher wisdom, the seventh sense.


My most influential teachers for soul and systemic work are Helmut Radke (Hamburg, Germany) and Thomas Hübl (Berlin/Tel Aviv).

My spiritual teacher is Rav Michael Laitman who teaches the science of spirits called Kabbalah in Israel. Before, I studied with Rabba Saphir Noyman Eyal, also in Israel.


My goal is to nourish soul, body, and spirit through my work to support clients to live their highest potential.


In workshops and one-on-one sessions I work with the calling to find the inner resources,

exploring your own narrative and ways to transform it. I also like to work with the matrix of the Hero's Journey.

I developed this instrument of power further and love to pass it on ever since then.


Developed by Gestalt therapist Paul Rebillot and based on the insights of mythologist Joseph Campbell,

the Hero's Journey leads through the landscape of the soul. Women and men encounter their unique qualities, feeling their richness and diversity that empower them at work and in personal relationships.

How about finding your own instrument of power, and meet your spirit guide?


I am excited to support you in accessing them in a safe and mindful space.


So these are my areas of expertise in the work:

  • Working online: Empowering men and women in 1-on-1-sessions and circles
  • The ancestors as a resource: Drawing on the wisdom of the forefathers and foremothers
  • Hero's Journey: Finding your inner hero and demon
  • Supervision: Passing on the most exquisite tools to therapists, counselors, and body workers


As a systemic Gestalt Therapist and curious journeyer, a listener to the whispers of life and a wild and vulnerable man I am ready to accompany you with my heart and knowledge to step with you into the not-knowing, letting the answer unfold that awaits for you within the questions and beauties of life.


Trust and curiosity,



Trainings Institute and Trainer Time Themes and Topics
Gestalt Therapy Gestalt-Institut Hamburg, Julia Lambrecht, and Helmut Radke 4,5 years

Intimacy and distance, unfolding potentials, setting boundaries, inner guidance, finding one's own truth

The Embryo in Us

Prenatal and Perinatal Online Healing,

Jaap van der Wal, PhD

5 days Conception, physiological development of the Embryo, and the impacts on the soul
Prenatal and Perinatal Memory

Prenatal and Perinatal Online Healing,

Ray Castellino

6 weeks From Self to social nervous system, working with movement and resistance in PPN somatic therapy
Study group with a journey to Auschwitz Witnessing in Empathy (W.E.), Monika Messner, Stefan Hausner 10 days Trauma and healing potential of Germans and German/European Jews, Sinti and Roma, and humans with handicaps
Pocket Project Training with Thomas Hübl 1 year Collective and intergenerational trauma and resources
Timeless Wisdom Training Academy of Inner Science, Thomas Hübl 2,5 years Presencing the moment, competency of subtle perception, deepening the awareness of higher self
Tree of Love Eva Szabo  1 year

Intimacy, relationship to body and sexuality, shame, ecstasy, and trust

Twin Dynamics Prenatal and Perinatal Online Healing, Kate White 1 day Blueprint and Imprint of Twins, Vanished Twin


To learn about the resonance of clients please click here

Phone: +49(0)1523 17 37 935 (with messengers Signal, Threema, WhatsApp)

To contact me, please check the schedule below for a free consultation call or write an email to me. Your are welcome to connect.

MENtal Health: Free E-Booklet "The Birth Of Man"

The Hero's Journey For A 21st-Century-Man

MENtal Health E-Booklet The Birth of Man
To be a man is not a given. It never was. This is a free guidance into the hero's journey for men in the 21st century.
MENtal Health The Birth of Man.pdf
PDF-Dokument [12.0 MB]

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