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Touching Presence Wherever You Are

Finding a new way to relate to each other heart to heart even from a distance––

this is Touching Presence Online.


My online counseling offers an intimate space 

  • Bonding from heart to heart
  • Connecting from the safety of your home
  • Providing a reliable source of deep reflections
  • Standing your ground through co-regulation
  • Finding your own way in the world.

In the subtle space, there is no distance.

When we connect in an online room dedicated solely for you, we sit in the same space with the clarity you want, the safety you need and the closeness you long for.


You might have questions and challenges on your path:

  • "How can I stay related in a world of upset?
  • "How can I find my voice in the collective?"
  • "How can I include my ancestors to be nourished by my roots?"
  • "How can I unleash the core potential of myself and my project?"

In one-on-one sessions online, I am happy and dedicated to accompanying you as a resource to find your own special answers to your questions supporting your own way of being.



This is what clients say:

"I had no experience with counseling and did not know if it worked online. It worked very well for me. After the lessons, I've always noticed how much the sessions supported me, and then, after some time, there came more deep insights that helped me understand myself. "

Andrea H., France
"Dear Joachim, your work with men is unique. I feel my strength and purpose as a man in society and in life more and more. I thank you for this unique space that brings us men in the deepest connection. "
Thilo Weiser, Germany
"The experience of direct contact just through connecting with a webcam was a pinnacle for me. We were in one space in which real, authentic and direct exchange was possible. Even from physical distance, Joachim could establish a mindful, direct and intimate contact. This enabled me to feel safe and I could follow his guidance to try something new full of trust."
Jürgen P., Germany


To get a free appointment with me lasting 30 minutes to find out if my offer of Touching Presence Online is for you, please write an email to me.


I meet you wherever you are, on your path and in the world.

With care,


(in English pronounced "YouAreHim:-)

Systemic Gestalt Therapist

Lic. Healing practitioner

Graduate Political Scientist


Offerings for

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Fruits of the Roots

Making your ancestors your resource today

Sometimes a challenge in life can go beyond your own horizon because it is greater than you are.


Personal and collective trauma are always intertwined.


A trauma that has been passed on between generations may interfere with your experience in your own life.


Second and third-generation survivors of the Shoa, descendants of witnesses of war, colonization, and immigration need a safe place to feel into what emerges in them even decades after the events.


With my training in Gestalt Therapy and working together with therapists from countries around the world to establish a high quality in working with intergenerational trauma and resource, I am happy to support you in this.


My offer "Fruits of the Roots" is an invitation to a unique journey to your ancestors.

Going beyond classical genealogy, it is designed to connect you to your ancestors by really feeling them so that they become a true and powerful resource for you today.


More here


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To book the "Fruits of the Roots" package or a session with Joachim, please click here or on the picture.

Please note: The time zone in the schedule for appointments (shown on the different offers of "Book now") is your time zone. The time zone shown later on your confirmation sheet is the time zone of Joachim's practice in Berlin (which is + 9 hours from LA. +6 hours from New York, -1 hour from Israel, -10 hours from Sidney).

Welcome to the world! We can walk the landscape of the soul together.

Enjoy the elements of transformation: A new way of relating between the Feminine and the Masculine
Joachim C. Wehnelt Touching Presence Online: Meeting Conveniently Wherever You Are
A circle of men to support each other
On September 1st, 1939, WWII started, and 80 years later, I invited men to ReMember War and Peace in Berlin, where the war begun. Coming from different walks of life, men with Jewish, Jewish-German, and German background welcomed their ancestors

Practice Berlin: Rathenower Str. 24, 10559 Berlin

email to Joachim

Tel.: +49 (0)30 7720 9676  cell phone: +49(0)1523 17 37 935 

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Online Platforms on Skype and on Zoom

Inspirations for your journey:

Moon Heart

Essay: The heart of a man is different than the heart of a woman. When he realizes that, he might open up to a whole new universe in love and sexuality.


A Tool Box For Compassion

From my perspective as a therapist, compassion is a natural state of being for us humans. So why is it so hard for us to stay compassionate all the time? Research shows, that when we get triggered emotionally through an argument, a fear of too much debt, a challenge at work, we many times actually shut down our body senses to not feel anymore. The first thing that gets lost then is compassion. This is why I developed a tool box to invite us to come back to our senses and to feel again, ourselves and others. Learn more

Group facilitation

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About me; my path, ways to work, and my resources


Exploring and shaping life with seven senses;

this is my passion and competence.

Welcome to Seven Senses Berlin.

My name is Joachim, native English speakers like to pronounce it like YouAreHim, and I like that!


I was born in Berlin, Germany. Professionally, I first met people as a reporter, first in Frankfurt am Main, then in Hamburg.

The curiosity and joy in meeting people such as orphan and author John Irving, the Holocaust survivor and president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Ignatz Bubis, and Paul Spiegel, with nearly deaf musician Evelyn Glennie and the former entrepreneur Klaus Ludwig Schweisfurth who became an organic farmer, inspired me to go further.


What is possible in life, how can we develop if we have the courage and support for it?

This question guides and motivates me to this day.


I started a training in humanistic psychotherapy called Gestalt therapy. Later on, I specialized in online counseling in individual sessions and group facilitation, 

in well being and soul development of men and in working with collective trauma (pandemic, Holocaust, gender politics).

In my practice Sieben Sinne Berlin (Seven Senses Berlin), I offer to find ways to the essence together.


What is essential to me?


I am excited to be a companion for people.

I think the world is crazy enough and that we find many creative ways to handle fate and challenges.


It becomes difficult when these solutions, which we have often found in childhood, cause suffering in ourselves and with other people.

Then it's time to take the next step and find new ways.


I love life and am committed to ensuring that "everything that lives, can live" (Albert Schweitzer).

In doing so, I let myself be guided by the higher wisdom, the seventh sense.


My most influential teachers for soul and systemic work are Helmut Radke (Hamburg, Germany) and Thomas Hübl (Berlin/Tel Aviv).

My spiritual teacher is Rabbah Saphir Noyman Eyal (Israel), she founded the Kabbalah school Mishkan Hakavana.


My goal is to nourish soul, body, and mind through my work to support clients to live their highest potential.


In workshops and one-on-one sessions I work with the calling to find the inner resources,

exploring your own narrative and ways to transform it. I also like to work with the matrix of the Hero's Journey.

I developed this instrument of power further and love to pass it on ever since then.


Developed by Gestalt therapist Paul Rebillot and based on the insights of mythologist Joseph Campbell,

the Hero's Journey leads through the landscape of the soul. Women and men encounter their unique qualities, feeling their richness and diversity that empower them at work and in personal relationships.

How about finding your own instrument of power, and meet your spirit guide?


I am excited to support you in accessing them in a safe and mindful space.


As a systemic Gestalt Therapist and curious journeyer, a listener to the whispers of life and a wild and vulnerable man I am ready to accompany you with my heart and knowledge to step with you into the not-knowing, letting the answer unfold that awaits for you within the questions and beauties of life.


Trust and curiosity,



Training Institute and Trainer Time Themes and Topics
Gestalt Therapy Gestalt-Institut Hamburg, Julia Lambrecht, and Helmut Radke 4,5 years

Intimacy and distance, unfolding potentials, setting boundaries, inner guidance, finding one's own truth

The Embryo in Us

Prenatal and Perinatal Online Healing,

Jaap van der Waal, PhD

5 days Conception, physiological development of the Embryo, and the impacts on the soul
Study group with a journey to Auschwitz Witnessing in Empathy (W.E.), Monika Messner, Stefan Hausner 10 days Trauma and healing potential of Germans and Jews, Sinti and Roma, Homosexuals, and humans with handicaps
Pocket Project Training with Thomas Hübl 1 year Collective and intergenerational trauma and resources
Timeless Wisdom Training Academy of Inner Science, Thomas Hübl 2,5 years Presencing the moment, competency of subtle perception, deepening the awareness of higher self
Tree of Love Eva Szabo  1 year

Intimacy, relationship to body and sexuality, shame, ecstasy, and trust


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Phone Berlin: +49(0)30 77209676 Cell Phone: +49(0)1523 17 37 935 

To contact me, you can also write an email to me. My website is Seven Senses Online

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