Hero's Journey

Meet The Hero You Are Waiting For–Within Yourself

A quest to transform challenges into a co-creation of an innovative life

Finding the freedom to live your own truth Photo: Carlos Yanez

There are challenges on your way.

Who is going to deal with them?

Meet the hero you are waiting for––within yourself.

You can discover your sources skillfully and playfully, opening up for your potential and the ability to unfold it.


The Calling

The workshop is based on the deep insights of Joseph Campbell. The American mythologist found out that there are stories that are universal and eternal. May it be on the Amazon or at the shores of the Nile in Egypt: wherever people are sitting around a campfire and tell a myth, there is a similar structure underlying all of them.


It is a story of a hero, male or female, who receives a higher call. Most of the time the hero rejects it at first. But then he starts the journey that becomes an adventure. He is confronted with obstacles. After many tests, he attains the treasure he received the calling for, returns back to his community, and uses his newfound power for the benefit of all.

This is the matrix of the myth. It is told not just because it is compelling and thrilling. It emerged all over the world because it mirrors the journey of the soul.

And the challenges of this journey unfold in business and society too.


Going on the journey

As if this wasn't amazing enough, Gestalt Therapist Paul Rebillot created an outstanding tool out of it. He took this eternal wisdom and created a journey out of it, on which all of us can go – in a safe place at a workshop with a lot of support from fellow travelers.

Through inner journeys and playful exercises, you go on a path through the landscape that mirrors the path through the jungle of business, politics, and personal relationships.

Passing the threshold: Mylopotamus beach

Claim your Aim

You start the journey by taking a look at the four corners of your life, such as Self and Home. Then you get a feeling of what the goal is you want to achieve now. You claim your aim. While you discover yourself in an intuitive way, you explore your inner wisdom and ability to unfold it. On your path you encounter the energies you can draw on and witness how beautifully they support you. By exploring them in inner journeys and expressing them playfully in exercises you also encounter the demon – the power within you, that seems to block the way. What does the demon say about you? We created the demon to protect us. The demon always wants to serve us but regularly does it in an insufficient and painful way. What does the demon actually want? The hero has to find out.


This is the core of the journey – the encounter of hero and demon, coming in contact with both sides, letting them merge and transform. It is all about joining the forces to reach the goal.

Finding the treasure: Chiron's cave at Banikas beach

Connecting to pure energy

On the journey, we can rely on each other to get support. And we use the power of Archetypes. The Greek word archetype comes from "Arche"–origin–and "Typus"–matrix. So an archetype like a hero or a magician is a master pattern that connects us with the core essence of energies in the universe. We access them and express them in writing, acting, and painting.

While doing so we have the chance for a new experience. A challenge is not in the way, it is the way. In Greek myths, there are a lot of heroes like Achilles, Jason, and Odysseus who all were injured on their journey. They had a teacher, a centaur – half man, half horse –, called Chiron, who taught them how to deal with this. He knew what he was teaching about. Chiron was wounded in a fight and therefore had to learn all the secrets of herbs in order to pass on the gift of healing.

At work or at home, we can be wounded, and this makes us, even more, a Hero on the way to healing and transforming conflicts, when we use the tools the universe offers.

Bringing the treasure into the community

Finally, what makes a Hero a Hero? He or she brings the treasure back into the community. This is one of the most important aspects of the journey, that many times are underestimated.


The Hero's Journey is a workshop giving communities and companies alike a chance to strengthen their bonds with each other and to enter an innovative and creative process not only for each participant but also for the whole group.


Feedback of participants

"I found my protecting goddess and her wild cat power that inspires me on my way. I appreciate how clearly and tenderly I was accompanied by Joachim.“ Heidrun N., Hamburg, Germany

"A highlight was getting to know and appreciate my hero qualities. And I have a better understanding of my shadow side now.“ Jan K., Hamburg, Germany

"It was a great time for me with very lovely people who were – right from the beginning – not strangers but companions an a hero‘s journey.“ Oliver H., Hamburg, Germany

"I really felt held by the facilitator. I could feel the love and appreciate how detailed everything was prepared.“ Melanie W., Hamburg, Germany

"I encountered myself. I gained so many insights for something, that I couldn‘t find words for before. Creativity grows in encounters – in contact –, this is what I experienced here." Steffi K., Hamburg, Germany


The workshop has different formats. Based on a 7-day-seminar, the journey also can be experienced as a 1-day-teaser or in a 3-day-version.


The offer is for groups, teams, or company leaders.


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