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Enjoy the elements of transformation: A creative journey to your assets
Joachim C. Wehnelt A warm welcome to a mutual exploration in online sessions and in-house workshops
A circle of men to support each other

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Welcome to a joyful and meaningful life!


"How can I find my vocation?"

"How can I release my pain?"

"How can I enhance team communication at work?"

"How can I recover from burnout and rejoice again?"

"How can I deal with illness or death?"

"How can I unleash the core potential of my project?"


These might be questions on your path.

In workshops and one-on-one sessions I am happy to accompany you on finding your own special answers to them..

I love to work in-house and in workshops abroad, on the ground and online; offering 



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Years ago I found a gift; a beautiful set of tools to transform challenges into power

that became the base of my work; the Hero's Journey.

I came across it when my own path got rocky. On my own journey a dragon was waiting for me.

The doctors called it cancer. It felt as if it was asking a question: Where do you want to go now–for real?

My answer was: Where the fire is forged. Where essence meets existence. Even before I went to the hospital for surgery, I started a training in humanistic psychotherapy called Gestalt therapy, and in the years to come I encountered this instrument of power that I love to pass on ever since then.


Developed by Gestalt therapist Paul Rebillot and based on the insights of mythologist Joseph Campbell,

the Hero's Journey leads through the landscape of the soul. Women and men encounter their unique qualities, feeling their richness and diversity that empower them at work and in personal relationships.

In workshops and one-on-one sessions I work with the calling to find the inner resources, inviting you to use the power of archetypes,

exploring your own narrative and ways to transform it.

How about finding your own instrument of power, and meet your spirit guide?

I am excited to support you in accessing them in a safe and mindful space.


Acknowledging the divine on this journey is an important part of my work. Opening up to what brings us together and letting the connective tissue hold and evolve us can actually shift the whole perspective on life. I deeply honor your unique guidance in this. My own spiritual teacher is Kabbalist Rabbah Saphir Noyman Eyal (Tel Aviv), my most influential teachers for fundamental healing are Thomas Hübl (Berlin/Tel Aviv) and Helmut Radke (Hamburg).


As a Gestalt Therapist and curious journeyer, a listener to the whispers of life and a wild and vulnerable man I am ready to accompany you with my heart and knowledge to step with you into the not-knowing, letting the answer unfold that awaits for you within the questions and beauties of life.


Trust and curiosity,



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Tel.: +49 (0)40 55 89 88 99  cell phone Germany: +49(0)1523 17 37 935  Israel: +972(0)505136726

skype: joachim.wehnelt  zoom: joachim christoph wehnelt

Touching Presence Online

Therapy and Counseling to access the flow of life

Artwork by J.C. Wehnelt


On our journey we sometimes need a new perspective.

Challenges at work or at home ask for a new space.

Touching Presence Online is an entry gate to a new horizon wherever you are.


Touching Presence Online offers  

  • a qualified therapist
  • who offers mindful feedback
  • and an an impartial presence
  • who stays when things get blurry or uncomfortable
  • Or just stays silent and perceives the moment with you, letting emerge what wants to show.

You might come

  • with physical pain, and doctors cannot find a cure for it
  • with a project that is stuck.
  •  with a longing to thrive.

The advantages online are

  • you can ask for a free first call of 15 minutes to get to know me
  • you can book just 1 session of 60 minutes
  • you can be accompanied wherever you are
  • one session is only 50 Dollars/Euro
  • you can pay conveniently with PayPal


I am glad to give you space and accompany you on your journey.

I am with you wherever you are, meeting you on skype or Zoom.


It is fascinating, how much energy flows even meeting online.

As Jürgen says it, a client of mine:

"Even online Joachim was able to establish a mindful and deep contact.

I felt safe in that and could follow his impulses full of trust".


With my tools as a Gestalt Trainer I am happy to support you in your self clarification.

And first of all, I am there with you as a human being, a man, an explorer, being on a journey myself.

I would love to support you in evolving your highest potential.


You can have a basecamp on your journey.






For appointments please contact or call +49 1523-1737935.


A Hero's Journey

Meet The Hero You Are Waiting For; Within Yourself


A treasure is waiting for you. Meet the Hero you are waiting for; within yourself.

This journey gives you precious tools to unfold your potential.


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The Eros' Journey

Find the power of your love in your own heart and sexuality 

What is your power in love and sexuality?

On the Eros' Journey you walk through the landscape of your soul to find a loving relationship by embracing the most important love in your life; the love to yourself. 

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phone Germany: +49(0)1523 17 37 935  Israel: +972(0)505136726

skype: joachim.wehnelt  zoom: joachim christoph wehnelt