Wild Peace

Global ceremony for the genders

A workshop with Joachim Wehnelt und Juliana Barros for the collective intelligence of the Feminine and the Masculine dancing

Picture by Wesley Balten on Unsplash.com

An invitation for women and men to explore the ancient wisdom of the heart and the collective to end the battle of sexes finding true power in intimate relationships

The fire of desire connecting a woman and a man is so compelling;

two secrets kissing, touching, holding, taking each other, being carried away by Eros––this is a longing for many when it comes to love and sexuality.

Yet many times Eros comes with challenges.

Why does he not feel her? Why does she not open up to him?

The yearning of woman and man to experience bliss by becoming one in love and sexuality often is confronted with the reality of feeling as two who cannot connect.

Many women and men blame the other sex for this.


Yet the truth is: We co-create the fire of Eros ourselves. Mutual desire is––after instincts and chemical reactions are burnt out––a result of the way we relate to ourselves. Only by knowing your own needs and wants, you become able to burn with someone else.


In this workshop, we invite you to find the starting point of ecstasy–in yourself.


At this workshop together, we start to explore the biggest sexual organ of human beings; the heart.

Two hearts become one? Maybe.

Yet in the longing to unite, women and men sometimes override their differences not only of their genitals.

Many women and men do not know that also their hearts are different.

This creates confusion and many times leads to emotional violence between the sexes.


On this special occasion, Juliana and Joachim honor the difference between the hearts of men and the hearts of women.

Drawing on the knowledge of ancient wisdom of Tantra about the heart allows

  • Woman to overcome the feeling to be a victim
  • Man to release more of his muteness, shame, and fear.


A woman has such a gift to offer; the true power of her heart.

A man has such a gift to offer; the vulnerable beauty of his heart.


If we want to experience two hearts becoming one, woman and man need to include the masculine and feminine energies within themselves and to become aware of the choices to say Yes and No in every moment in bed, chat, and life.


Because melting into each other is only possible when you know your energies and boundaries in love and sexuality.

This creates the trust in yourself you are looking for in a relationship.


It is time to end the war between woman and man and to look anew to ourselves and the other gender.

In the seminar, we celebrate the polarities within us by experiencing giving and receiving energies, exchanging the beauty and challenges with each other, creating a circle for women and a circle for men to bond with each other for some precious moments and then to come together again.


Juliana and Joachim hosting Wild Peace in the Ishtar Retreat Center, Israel

The Eros of Now

The time together is dedicated to giving you a taste how it will be when woman and man meet in their most vulnerable and powerful way co-creating a Wild Peace within themselves and with each other, moment to moment.


We hold the intention to host a mindful space with a balance of women and men.

So we encourage you to bring a friend or partner from the other sex.


You are a secret.

I am a secret.

What connects us, and divides us, is a third secret.


We enter the gate to these secrets within and between us to enable you to find your own truth in it.


How does your heart beat, and what do you need in love and sexuality?

Find out together with women and men. You are invited to start the fire of desire by knowing more of your energy, your Yes and No and the Eros of Now burning in you and between two lovers.


Joachim and Juliana


We are happy to bring a new movement of the Feminine and Masculine dancing to your country






Juliana Barros is a facilitator from Brazil, based in the US.

She is the founder of Heal The Soul.

For more information please visit her website at www.healthesoul.net

To contact her: juliana@healthesoul.net


Joachim C. Wehnelt is a Gestalt-Therapist with a practice in Berlin, Germany, working with men, and women, for years now.

More on www.SevenSenses.online

To contact him: joachim@sevensenses.online