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Eros Of Economy

Connecting feminine and masculine powers to establish sustainable businesses

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The crisis of natural resources, capital markets, and social structures invites business leaders to do the next step.


Entrepreneurship of the 21st century uses ancient wisdom and latest technology to co-create a new success story for people and nature by manifesting sustainable businesses.


To make this real, entrepreneurs need to draw on the principles of creation, which are known for millennia as the Eros between Feminine and Masculine. The business of the 21st century is invited to become an Eros of Economy.


It can be applied worldwide and in all businesses; and it is only available now because we join forces of inner and outer sciences.


Manifesting the fire of creation

In the Eros of Economy, a project cycle of a new product (i.e. service, project) starts with the fire of energy (an idea) and establishes a sustainable structure (team, company, site) by following a hierarchy of wisdom.


First, the project commits to the principles of life.


It bows down to the Higher (God, Consciousness) and serves nature (humans, earth, animals).


To create a sustainable structure the project is also established in a sustainable way.


To do so–working sustainably while creating a sustainable product––the project works with the polarities of energy; the Feminine and the Masculine.


The Feminine is nourishing, caring, and including.

The Masculine is reaching out, courageous, and discerning.


Working with this polarity creates a business that is successful and sustainable at the same time.


Creating a dance

In economic terms, the Feminine 

  • delivers a sustainable environment for the team (sufficient payment, healthy relationships between co-workers)
  • cares for a deep relationship between product and nature
  • includes the different needs of women and men, the diversity of origins of people, sexual orientations, and beliefs.


The Masculine in business

  • follows the hierarchy of life
  • uses courage to enter and explore the unknown business territory
  • discerns what is useful and what is unnecessary.


Following the qualities of Feminine and Masculine in business allows a dance of creation.


The dance of creation is beautiful, challenging and rewarding.


Stepping into the crucial stages

The dance of creation is a quest.

It is a business journey with crucial steps and landmarks.


Every step leads to the next step by following the benchmarks of Feminine and Masculine business dynamics. 


The economy and ecology of polarities propel the project to the five crucial stages in the product cycle.


  • Stage I: The Idea
  • Stage II: The Team
  • Stage III: The Means
  • Stage IV: The Production
  • Stage V: The Story


The stages are interrelated to each other meaning they are linear (masculine) but also multidimensional (feminine).

This means that the entrepreneur, for example, after having assembled (masculine principle of establishing) the means (Stage III) might go back to examine if the original idea (Stage I) is still fully captured (feminine principle of inclusion).


But what dynamic actually propels the project from one stage to the next stage? What enables the project to do the next step? 

Finding the questions


Every quest is driven by questions.


Finding the right questions is fueling the project from one stage to the other.

The precise questions are key in the Eros of Economy.


The work is to let the voice of the Feminine in Creation be heard, and the voice of the Masculine be heard, and

to facilitate a dialogue between them.

Listening to the answers leads to the next stage of manifesting.


Imagine an entrepreneur, female or male, has formulated the idea of the product or project (Stage I).

To get to Stage II (The Team) s/he works with the polarities in business by finding the precise questions.


Examples of questions in the project cycle between Stage I to Stage II:

  • Business Benchmark Question of the Masculine: Who is part of the team?
  • Business Benchmark Question of the Feminine: How can they be enabled to do the work sustainably (sufficient salary, healthy working conditions)
  • Business Benchmark Question of the Masculine: What are the responsibilities of each team member? 
  • Business Benchmark Question of the FeminineDoes the team have a spirit of working together?
  • Business Benchmark Question of the Masculine: Is the team representing the diversity of customers?

The precise questions of the Feminine and Masculine principles in a project create a dance that allows the business to be balanced.

This makes a project sustainable; in the process and in the result.


Questioning the answers

If a crisis occurs during the creation of a product or after having established a project this gives a hint that the cycle needs a new monitoring.

The answers that have been given need to be questioned.


The crisis offers a great chance to adapt to new economic requirements or environmental challenges. 


The counseling method delivered in the Eros of Economy conducted by the Feminine and Masculine principles supports business leaders and managers with a variety of tools to benefit from a crisis and use it as a gift for an update in business.

Joining forces

In the consulting with the Eros of Economy, the Hero's Journey gives an excellent foundation to manifest the power of a new project. (More on the principles of the Hero's Journey here.)

Combined with the ancient wisdom of the universal principles of creation––known as Eros––, the Eros of Economy empowers entrepreneurs and managers to co-create new products in a profound and unique way.


To support a project in the best way possible I like to work with colleagues to join forces. We use additional powerful tools like Dragon Dreaming, shamanic work, systemic constellation and Story Telling working together on different stages of the project to offer the best business approaches available to make the project fit for the demands of the 21st century. Video conferences allow us to work worldwide.


The tools draw on knowledge from

  • ancient wisdom (like archetypes and the landscape of the soul)
  • using latest applications of Internet-based technology (like Zoom and data processing)
  • researching on inner and outer sciences (subtle realms and quantum physics).


To be informed by the latest research on ancient wisdom I am happy to constantly educate myself with exquisite teachers like Saphir Noyman Eyal (she is the founder of the Kabbalah school Mishkan Hakavana, Tel Aviv) and Thomas Hübl (he is the founder of the Academy of Inner Science, Wardenburg).


I am deeply grateful for their profound insights and exquisite level of teaching and knowledge.

Thriving together

The success story of today in an Eros of Economy is sustainable on all levels;

  • sustainable for human ecology (customers, managers) to prevent a burn out of co-workers and their product (decline of sales),
  • and sustainable for the universal ecology to let nature thrive while cultivating it.


Applying the Feminine and Masculine powers in your business invites business leaders to thrive on all levels; together with your clients, and with nature.


To find a new way of co-creating please contact me at joachim@sevensenses.online

or by telephone in Berlin: +49 (0)30.77209676 or on cell phone +49 (0)1523.1737935.


I am happy to facilitate an economic dance of creation together with you to manifest a business that is successful and sustainable at the same time.

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