Sessions For Creative Leaders Who Serve The World

Personal support for your purpose as an artist, social entrepreneur, and inventor to make a difference

Your time has come to make change happen

  • You are an artist creating spaces and visions of introspection and expansion that open up our perspectives on who we can truly be.
  • You are a social entrepreneur co-creating services that serve a higher awareness of life's beauty and vulnerability.
  • You are a storyteller on stage or behind the scenes giving voice to the voices that are unheard and leading us into a different awareness of who we are as humans and what we can do together.
  • You are an inventor who is investing in products and platforms that support and enhance the human experience allowing us to serve the world.

You are giving yourself to giving purpose with your skills.


For that, you want to cooperate with a leader who supports you emotionally and skillfully allowing you to establish your vision in life.

Welcome to creative leadership

Joachim C. Wehnelt


As a counselor and therapist with years of experience in accompanying creative leaders,

I support you in finding the clarity you need to let your vision become real.

I enhance your capacity to see the big picture by offering new perspectives that are informed by a higher consciousness and practical insights.
I challenge your beliefs about what is possible and what is not to support you in expanding even more.
I guide you through emotionally challenging times that rock your boat to give you the opportunity to keep doing the work even in a storm.
I am partnering with you and have your back as you establish something new that the world has not seen yet and needs to keep evolving.


Disclaimer: This offer is not for you, if you want to use your privilege and abusing it by wanting to solely enjoy the abundance life is giving you and find ways to exploit the world to an even greater extent.


This offer is for you if you want to lead a life that makes sense and gives sense to all by supporting men, women, children of the world, and nature alike so all can thrive and prosper and no one is left behind.


In that case, I am delighted to give all that I have to support you.


I am meeting you in your creative leadership with my heart as a therapist, the tools as a coach, the creative vision as a counselor, and the guts to support you in making the shift happen you want to see in the world.


In that co-creation, I invite you to use all seven senses of leading: the five senses of listening to the world, tasting the chances, smelling what's cooking, seeing the unseen opportunities, and touching the unknown.

Together, we enhance your sixth sense of your intuition.

And with the seventh sense, I bow down to what is higher than us and guides us.


Together we make the shift happen.


You can book sessions one-on-one from anywhere online or in my practice in Berlin.

You can book a single session or a bundle of ten, and you can apply for a creative leadership circle of up to 7 visionaries to be inspired by each other.


I am happy to meet you online or in Berlin.


Be well and serve well,


Counselor for creative leaders with the power of Gestalt Therapy