A Hero's Journey to Eros

The Eros' Journey

Your soul shows the way to your power in love and sexuality

When the feminine and masculine energies meet within yourself, Eros is ignited
  • You live alone and long for a partner?
  • You want to deepen intimacy in your relationship?

Ecstasy is a birthright.

You can invite it into your life!


On the Eros' Journey you walk through the landscape of your soul to find a loving relationship.

It will only happen, if you embrace the most important love in your life; the love to yourself. 

What do you need in love and sexuality? In playful exercices you activate your creative self.

You will find your very special power, your own Eros.


In this workshop women and men are going on a Hero's Journey together.

We explore the most inspiring and arousing spot; the heart.


We appreciate its needs and desires

to go beyond places you know;

ready to find a passage,

that might be one of the most illuminating in our lifetime–

between heart and sexuality.


The Eros of Now

Through exercises and inner journeys we experience our potential to have intimate relations – starting with ourselves. Each of us, every man and woman, has inner hero qualities in love and sexuality. What are yours? Passion? Fear? Joy? They are all welcome, because they guide us in the most beautiful way. In a safe and playfull space we will find out how. We support each other to embrace our ability to connect love and sexuality fully. 


It is not a tantra workshop. Foremost it is an inner exploration. We express our findings in a safe space supporting each other in honouring our limits and powers. Love and sexuality is all about saying Yes -- also to our No's.


We start the journey by taking a look at the homeground of our loving Eros. On the path we encounter male and female energies and witness how beautifully they interact. By exploring them we also encounter the demon – the power that seem to block the way. What does the demon say about your Eros? Your inner and outer beauty? What does the demon want? Each woman and man has to find out. The Demon also wants to serve us, but it acts in an destructive way. This is the core of the journey – the encounter of the beauty of Hero and Demon within us, coming together and going on. But this time with the Hero guiding the way, leading us moment to moment in every day life.

We learn to fully relate to whatever is in love and sexuality -- a sharing of desire, a deep surrender to trust, a deep Yes to intimacy.

This is the Eros of Now. 


The Eros' Journey can be a huge opening to new horizons



As a Gestalt Therapist I will accompany you on the journey to your power in love and sexuality with profound tools, and first of all with my deep committment to honor and evolve your wisdom to unfold your potential in intimate relationships.

What is your truth as a woman or a man?

What are your powers and needs in love and sexuality?

I am very much looking forward to accompany you on this marvelous path to your beauty and abundance to make Eros in your life happen. 

Joachim C. Wehnelt, Psychotherapist

Roger Wolfe participated in the Eros's Journey in Greece. For him it was Gold, as he decribes his experience.

More feedback on the Hero's Journey

„I have just read through the hero's journey notes I made. I want to say how incredible I found the Hero's journey and particularly the way in which you facilitated it, Joachim. You were amazingly insightful and had a very gentle manner at getting us to enter very deep, sometimes uncomfortable places. It was an experience unlike any I have had before and I felt complete trust in you and held throughout the whole process.“ Naomi S., London, England

„A highlight was getting to know and appreciate my hero qualities. And I have a better understanding of my shadow side now.“ Jan K., Hamburg, Germany

„It was a great time for me with very lovely people who where – right from the beginning – no strangers but companions an a hero‘s journey.“ Oliver H., Hamburg, Germany

„I really felt held by the facilitator. I could feel the love and appreciate how detailed everything was prepared.“ Melanie W., Hamburg, Germany

„I encountered myself. I gained so many insights for something, that I couldn‘t find words before. Creativity grows in encounters – in contact –, this is what I experienced here." Steffi K., Hamburg, Germany

On the Eros' Journey you are invited to step into the power of your love and sexuality

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